Hello ladies and gentlemen, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, I have pictures! I'm tentatively calling the robot the Ardupi, since it doesn't have any distinguishing features besides having an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi. I'm 100% sure this name has been used by many others already, but hey.

Here it is!

The difficult-to-Google Ardupi

The major components are: a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino Uno, an Arduino Motor Shield and a so-called Magician's Chassis. The components that I have not included here are my Android phone and a battery supply for the Raspberry Pi.

Here's the robot with the cardboard rack emptied.

The rack is made of corrugated cardboard.
The other day, I made a rack out of some corrugated cardboard and glue, to house the components of the Ardupi. Essentially there's two L-brackets to keep each component in place, save the Raspberry Pi, which had port placements that made the bracketing a little trickier. The rack was done really rapidly. I'd expect the design to iterate over time as my requirements change. But still, it's turned out pretty well!

If you asked me whether I'd recommend the Magician's Chassis, I probably wouldn't. Mechanically, the structure is fine, but the DC motors that come with it are sub-par. One, the torque is poor and two, the two motors have difference response, i.e. they produce different torque even when the power supplied is the same. Nevertheless, the package includes a battery holder, chassis as well as two DC motors for a very low cost, and provides a good learning opportunity. Just don't expect to produce a satisfactory product with it.

Finally, laid out here are all the components of the Ardupi shown thus far!

Components of the Ardupi thus far
The items are:
  • A USB Type A to B cable
  • 4x AWG 22 stranded wires (ends stripped)
  • Wi-pi (USB Wi-fi dongle)
  • Battery holder for four AA batteries
  • Raspberry Pi Model B
  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Motor Shield
  • Cardboard rack with part of a breadboard
  • Magician's Chassis
Have a good week everyone!